Featured Apartments in Palm Harbor Florida

Apartments in Palm Harbor Florida provide lovely neighborhoods and beautiful locations to live in. these apartments fulfill the requirements of the people who have small families and also suitable for the people with large families. The rental prices also suits the monthly income of the clients in an affordable manner.

Furnished Apartments of Palm Harbor Florida

Some of the important furnished apartments of Palm Harbor Florida are Madison Oaks Apartments, 1001 Tartan Dr # 308, 36750 US Highway 19 # 15306 Apartments, Palm Harbor FL Apartments, 530 Ryan Woods Ln and 2595 Cyprus Dr # 206 apartments.

Madison Oaks Apartments

Madison Oaks are the most significant apartments of Palm Harbor Florida. These are the completely furnished apartments with two different floor plans for both one and two bedrooms. The two floor plans for single bedroom apartments are named as Andalusia and Belmont. Andalusia consisted of area 772 square feet with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The prices vary from $1079 to $ 1099. Belmont is 862 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom and the rental prices from $1110 to $1130.

The second floor plan is for two bedrooms. Two bedroom apartments are considered Champion, Denmark and  Eclipse apartments. Champion is a two bedroom and one and half bathroom plan with the area of 1064 square feet. Denmark plan is the two bedroom and two bathrooms plan with area of 1078 square feet. Eclipse is the 1332 square feet apartment with two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The prices of all these three plans start from $ 1132 and goes up to $ 1656.

1001 Tartan Dr # 308

These apartments are also beautifully furnished and best features apartments and reputed name in the apartments in Palm Harbor Florida. These apartments are built in 1980 from single to family homes. These apartments are 1401 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms floor plans. Some of the innovations in these apartments include enclosed balconies with central heating or air condition for the suitable season, tiled floors of living and dining rooms, central Heating and Air Conditioning services, Pool and Elevators. Bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms are completely furnished with antique tiles and decorations. Pets are not allowed in thses apartments.

530 Ryan Wood Apartments

These apartments are fully furnished apartments as well as pet friendly apartments. Best area or sizes with affordable prices and best features.