Clint Capela leads Rockets’ focus on defensive rebounding

With the Rockets placing an emphasis on defensive rebounding, even adjusting some of their defense to keep big men closer to the defensive boards, center Clint Capela had a season-high 15 defensive rebounds on Saturday. He said some of that came from reducing how often he switches to defend guards, allowing him to stay back more often.

"I think compared to last year, at the beginning of the year we used the switch as a weapon, but we were switching kind of too much, so now the fact that sometimes I go back to the paint, and sometimes I get switched on the guards," Capela said. "It’s better to give a different look sometimes to the offense, and I feel way more efficient like that also."

Some of Capela’s success, however, might just be because of his own abilities. He is averaging 12.1 rebounds per game, eighth in the NBA and a career high.

"Well, he’s young and athletic, so that really helps, but he’s one of the best rebounders in the league," Rockets guard Eric Gordon said. "We need him to continue to do that. With all these long shots and him being around the rim all the time, we definitely need him to be our rim protector and get a lot of rebounds. We need him to be big like that all the time."

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